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The new Single by Timbreroots (released on May 17, 2024)

"Every human being is a single tone of diverse timbres and roots. When these tones come together in a harmonious symphony, everyone can find himself on a benevolent wavelength, where everyone can find his place to feel comfortable in peaceful community." 

Benedikt Sanoll

This is the philosophy behind the "Timbresound", as fans call the unique music of the promising indie folk band Timbreroots from South Tyrol.

They fuse ambient indie folk, alternative rock and brit pop to create a captivating experience that delights listeners of Mumford & Sons, Amistat, John Butler The Lumineers and Coldplay alike.


Epic, up to five-part vocals, artfully accompanied by often more specialised instruments such as the impressive marimba, lend Timbreroots' profound lyrics a lively and touching element. The band, consisting of bandleader and songwriter Benedikt Sanoll (lead vocals, fingerstyle guitar), his brother Philipp Sanoll (drums & percussion, marimba), Thomas Vicenzi (electric bass), Sebastian Willeit (banjo & electric guitar) and Simon Oberrauch (piano & keyboard), has already made a name for itself with their debut album "Numen's Dreams" and songs such as "Let's Give Them A Chance" and "We Will Fly Again" have already won the hearts of some fans.

Alle Videos

Alle Videos

The new single


In their latest single "Madness", Timbreroots shows a more powerful and intense

side. The song, which came second in the Italian M4NG competition, is a critical reflection on the challenges of our society. From escaping into illusions to the uncontrollability of madness, the profound lyrics address important topics that are thought-provoking:

Megalomania, wars, oppression, the increasing extremisation of radical political tendencies and views of self-appointed experts and the ever-increasing danger of being gradually replaced by AI in a world that already is suffering a severe fever. Madness overtakes!


"You can't control when madness overtakes" - this is how the song ends in the epic

and powerful finale, reminiscent of the intensity of singers such as Jared Leto (30

Seconds to Mars). This single serves as a prelude of the EP to be released in January 2025. It promises to take its listeners on an unprecedented emotional and musical journey.

Timbreroots' pursuit of musical authenticity and their impressive live performance make them a band to keep an eye on. With "Madness" they set another milestone in their burgeoning career and show that they are ready to achieve great things.

Madness - Coverbild
Timbreroots - Madness


1. Platz: "SONX" 

mit unserer Debüt-Single "Let's Give Them A Chance"

2. Platz : "M4NG"

Mit unserer neuen Single: "Madness"


"Timbreroots, [...] one of the most promising local bands of the present day. With their polyphonic vocals and the assemblage of a multitude of different influences, they build a bridge between yesterday and today." - Backstage - South Tyrol 1



- Rock im Ring 2023

- Rock the Dolomites 2024

- Dingsdo Festival 2022

- Carambolage Bz 2022 (CD-Presentation)

- UFO Bruneck 2022 (with Mainfelt)

- FISU World Championship Climbing 2022

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