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numen's dreams - Debut Album

"Numen's Dreams" was released in January 2023.

It offers an as of yet unheard-of musical experience, both as a CD and as a live performance. Up to five vocals, accompanied by different guitars, drums, keys and the special marimba, form the creative and innovative sound of Timbreroots. The diverse genre of the album keeps changing from quiet and slow to harder and faster alternative indie-folk as well as pop-rock.


Music creates dimensions in which everything and everyone can find their place and feel safe in peaceful community, no matter what roots they have. Every individual is a single tone of different timbres and roots. If these tones come together in harmonic symphony, they can accomplish great things.

Timbreroots wants to convey exactly such values of charity with their debut album and call for everyone to make their contribution towards a more sustainable and better world.

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